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If you are looking for serious relationships with beautiful Ukrainian women then our bride site can help you. We have a vast choice of ladies in search of a foreigner. We guarantee you to make all our best to help you to find the woman you like.

It is a well known fact that Slavonic beauties are not feministic and they are family oriented. In their families a man and a family is on the first place. But nevertheless there are some doubts which prevent men from start the communication with the ladies. Let’s consider them:
* Many foreigners are afraid: “Will the different cultures create a problem? Will our cultures eventually clash?” The United States of America is a country of many cultures mixed in one. It has many religions, many languages spoken, and many ethnic beliefs.
In general the USA has a wide variety of cultures. On the other hand, Ukraine, which is a country much smaller then the USA, has basically one culture which is a unique culture all in its own. They basically have one language, one religion, and one kind of belief system. These two countries vary from one another, at many different aspects of culture, but as much as they differ from one another there are some similarities between both countries.
* Both these countries have one particular language, which is mostly spoken throughout the land, but these languages vary in both the US and Ukraine. In Ukraine, the official language of the country is Ukrainian. Most of the people in that country speak Ukrainian, but there are some that speak different languages. One language that is spoken a lot in Ukraine is Russian. But in schools and universities children learn English and other languages. That is why this language becomes very popular, too.
So many women from Ukraine and Russian already speak some foreign languages. Religion is another big difference between the US and Ukraine. Ukraine is mainly made up of Christians. The majority of these Christians are either Ukrainian Orthodox or Ukrainian Catholics.
But all in all, no matter how much these two countries, the Unites States and Ukraine, cultures differ, there is some of each culture in both countries. Just think how colourful and interesting international marriages are! Your children will bear 2 cultures which will make their spiritual and cultural world more rich.

On-line chat

    Join free chat for to communicate with girls you like more closer. Communication is a very important part of getting to know each other better. Live communication is better than any letter. It shows live reaction of the person to your words and questions, the style of communication, even the behavior of the person can be seen. All these can show you if there will be a harmony between you and the girl you like. It can help you to understand if you want to meet Ukrainian women in real and to make the next important step towards your happy life together.

Gold and Silver members

If you want to make the use of our Ukrainian dating site more free you can become a golden or a silver member of the site. In that case you do not need to pay per contact, but for the period of membership. This gives you an opportunity to communicate with the girls unlimitedly. Thousands of women from Ukraine, Russia and Baltic countries want to find their second half here. One of them is looking for you, just make the first step towards each other.

So if you want to find a beautiful Ukrainian women for marriage then our Ukrainian dating site can help you.

    All you need is to pass free registration and to find your second half.


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Successful profile Successful profile

For to make your profile successful upload only your best photos.

Do not forget that the result of Internet dating depends upon good photos. While looking for someone most people pay attention at one’s appearance first and only after try to know the person’s inner world by corresponding and meeting. That is why it is so important to have at least one good photo of yourself, which helps to imagine how you look like. So, the better your photos are the more ladies will pay attention on you.

Online interpreter Online interpreter

The first problem which is faced by people in internet meeting is the foreign language they do not know.

If you do not know the foreign language, but you would like to meet with foreign girls, then our free online-translator will help you to communicate on the site and to make the first steps towards each other. The automatic translation of letters and correspondence will make the dialogue more easier. But if you want to marry Ukrainian woman and establish a family then it is better for you to start to study language of the country where she lives in.

It could happen that your destiny has just registered on the site and waiting for your attention. Just hurry up, do not wait till your happiness is walking around.

  • What are you looking for? What type of women are you interested in?
  • Look through the girls’ profiles our dating agency propose you and make your choice. Maybe she is blond or red, chestnut or brunette? Maybe she is affectionate or gentle? Smiling or tender? Or maybe you are waiting for a woman you simply fell in love at first glance?
  • We can help you to find your future second part.

Some secrets of good communication:

Like in all types of relationships, conversation is the only way to know the person. This could be long or short-term, but it is always nice to know how to act or behave when dealing with the majestic creature known as “the woman”.
Here are some advice for you to make your conversation as successful as possible.
* Try to be positive, polite, considerate, open and sociable while corresponding.
* If you like the woman then do not forget to send wishes and holiday cards to her. If you stay amiable and sensitive your correspondence will have a good basis for development.
* It's important to find shared interests. Look for activities which can be interesting for both of you (movies, wine-tasting course, hobby, etc).
* Honesty, openness and enthusiasm for learning are essential to helping the relationship along. If you are looking for serious relationship be honest with the woman from the very start.
* Try to avoid rudeness and different types of conflicts. If you do not like the person and don’t interested in farther communication just simply use “Block the person” function. This will help you to receive no messages from this person.

Our Ukrainian dating site considered to be one of the biggest and safety best site for meeting with Russian and Ukrainian brides. All the ladies are thoroughly checked before activation.

Registration on our site will give you an opportunity to find a real woman from Ukraine or Russia who are looking for a man abroad.


Our site considered to be very safe as we do not pay women for the letters they wrote, we do not sell contacts and more over all our girls pass lots of stages of checking before activation of their profiles.

You are free to exchange your private contacts with woman you like at once. But do not send your private contacts in your first letter to woman as it is typical for scammers. You can scare woman and she won’t reply you.

Payment system on our site is very simple. One shouldn’t pay per contact but for the period of membership during which can communicate with women without limits.


  • Psychological test
    Our site offer you to pass a psychological test with the woman you like . This will help you to know your compatibility with her.
  • Photo contest
    The participation in photo contests will give you an opportunity to attract more attention towards your profile. It is very difficult to know a person when you cannot hear his words or see him real.
  • “If you like me” game is a new and unusual way of meeting with the opposite sex. This game shows the mutual attraction between you and women you like.


Hiding profile

If you have found the woman or some women you really interested in and do not want to get letters from other beauties, then you can use the function “Hide profile”. In this case only those girls whom you corresponding with will be able to see your profile.

Red hearts

You can see the red heart below users’ photos. These hearts mean your psychological compatibility with the woman. The more red hearts the more this woman suits you. If the hearts are pink then the compatibility is average, if violet then it is bad.


Ukrainian dating site

Where should a man go or do to meet a good woman? We know that there are many of men who ask this. Unfortunately this question (about a man who is kind, funny, smart, without too much baggage (everyone got a little) and who knows how to treat a woman with respect) arise more and more often every day. To register on a dating site is the first step towards your wish. If you have already been registered on some dating agency but were not successful in your search then use advice our agency propose you and try again.
Thousands of people have already found each other by means of our Ukrainian dating agency. If you decided to try your chance then register on our site for free, upload some good photos of yourself (better smiling and happy face).

beautiful Ukrainian women
Maria, 35 y.o.

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